Who We Are: Featuring Bailey

Pawsperity Bakery started for one simple reason: to make wholesome, organic treats for dogs. And we don’t just do it for fun – we do it because we all have our own dogs we love, too! Now it’s high time you met the members of our extremely discerning quality control department.

Today we’re featuring Bailey, owner Kate’s oldest dog and CCO (that’s Chief Canine Officer). She was named after George Bailey in Kate’s favorite movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Some might say Bailey is, ahem, a little spoiled. She was adopted as a puppy in Santa Cruz, California, and since that day in 1997, she’s been charming the pants off everyone she meets. Her list of tricks include “shake” and “play dead.” But her best feat is her demonstration of her ironclad self-control as she balances treats on her head for minutes on end! Her likes include: hogging the bed, long runs in the snow and butt scratches.

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