Bailey Luce, 1997-2011

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Bailey, the love of our lives and senior member of Pawsperity Bakery’s R & D Department, left us peacefully yesterday evening. She will always be remembered for her enthusiasm for life and people and how she brought out the best in everyone who met her. Baking helper extraordinaire and treat sampler par excellence, she leaves a canyon in our hearts.

3 thoughts on “Bailey Luce, 1997-2011

  1. So sorry to hear about Bailey. That must have happened shortly after we saw you last. Hopefully soon the memories will come with a smile, rather than sadness. He would have wanted it that way.
    Margie, Ed, Micah and Charlie

  2. I miss you so much my sweet Bay-bay. I was afraid of all dogs but when I met you, I was easily put at ease through your warmth and sweet smile. I could see in your beautiful eyes telling me, “I will never hurt you” and I instantly fell in love. I think of you often and wish that I could have seen you once last time. Thank you for being in my life and bringing such joy and happiness. You were one of a kind and there will never be another sweet canine like you. I love you, Bailey girl!

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