Our “Pawsperous” Story

Kate Luce, Pawsperity Bakery Owner

Greetings, dog lovers!

I’m Kate, the proud owner of Pawsperity Bakery, a business dedicated to crafting wholesome, organic, and lip-smacking treats for your beloved companion.

We live in Applegate, California, a small town in the picturesque Sierra Foothills, with our two handsome New Zealand Huntaways, Ben and Jerry, as well as a pit/Shepherd mix named Fiona. They both have noses for good quality treats and are employed in our bakery’s research and development department.

Bailey, our Ridgeback/Lab mix sweetheart, was very involved with Pawsperity Bakery since its inception in 2008 until she left us in November 2011 at age 14½. She was our chief taster and baking assistant and insisted on top quality standards. Her spirit and enthusiasm were infectious and will continue to guide us.

I began baking custom dog treats because of Jerry’s sensitive stomach. Pumpkin was a soothing antidote to his digestive issues, so I developed a tasty recipe; the rest is dog history!

I am dedicated to making wholesome and healthy treats that you can offer your loyal friend with confidence. I always use top quality ingredients. All recipes use cage-free eggs and organic rice flour; you will never find wheat, corn, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors in these goodies. I stand behind my treats; my dogs sit in front of them!

All our treats range in size from 1 to 2 inches across and are baked in assorted shapes such as bones, fire hydrants, dog houses, paws, puppies, and cats (sorry, kitties). If you prefer an order of one particular shape, a particular breed shape, or a larger size (2½ – 4 inches), please contact me and I will try to meet your needs. I have quite an inventory of cookie cutters, so don’t be shy about requests.

Thank you for visiting Pawsperity Bakery; we look forward to filling your pup’s tummy with some yummy deliciousness.